Choosing a Spa Theme for Hens Night Melbourne

Choosing a Spa Theme for Hens Night Melbourne

As the host of hens night Melbourne for your special friend, you have the option to plan any type of party that you can dream up. The days of hosting a traditional hens night Melbourne that takes you and a group of girls out for a night of drinking and fun on the town are gone. Certainly, there are many hens night Melbourne that still follow this path, and it can be a fun way to spend an evening. However, many party hosts are veering away from this and are planning something more unique. One idea that is increasingly popular is a spa theme for hens night. 

What is a Spa Party?
A spa themed hens night Melbourne typically is not a nighttime event. Instead, it typically will take place over the course of an afternoon, over a full day or even over an entire weekend. This is typically a very relaxing party that may include a delicious lunch or dinner, plenty of conversation and girl talk and even some drinks if you choose a spa that serves them. The bride may easily feel stressed and overwhelmed by her wedding plans, and a spa party gives her a way to relax and gives all of the guests plenty of time to enjoy a girl-style bonding experience together. 

Factors to Consider Before Hosting This Type of Party
This can be a rather expensive type of party to host for hens night Melbourne by Magic Hens, so it is not perfect for every situation. Typically, you will pay for your own services and the treatments for the bride because you are the host. The guests will need to pay their own way in most cases. Spa treatments can be expensive, so you may ask the facility if they will give you a discount if you bring in a large group. You may also select treatments and services that are on the affordable rather than expensive side. You may also consider how fragmented your group will be. Some facilities may only allow a couple of people in a treatment room at a time, so your group typically will be divided for a large portion of the spa themed hens night Melbourne if you have a lot of people on the guest list. 

Where to Host Your Party 
There are countless places where you can host your spa themed hens night Melbourne. You should consider how many people are on your list, the type of spa packages each facility hosts, if you want your hens night Melbourne to extend all day or overnight and if food and drinks are provided to you and your guests on-site. You may need to contact a few of these facilities directly to discuss your plans to bring in a large group. Many may be more than accommodating with regards to helping you make your event a success. 

You should keep in mind that your hens night Melbourne can include a spa component, but it does not need to be all about spa services. For example, you can plan a spa treatment for the group during the afternoon, and the group could go out for dinner and drinks afterward. This can be a relaxing and completely enjoyable experience for all involved, so you may want to plan a spa themed hens night Melbourne for your friend.

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